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Stories of lakes facing drought in Central Anatolia


About Moribund

As of 2022 in Turkey, nearly 70 natural lakes larger than the whole surface of the Marmara Sea have dried up. All the remaining lake areas are battling with loss of natural texture, biodiversity and are under a massive threat imposed mainly by wrong agricultural practices and pollution.

Focusing on this major environmental problem, the project “Moribund" covers stories of 3 different lakes facing drought in the Central Anatolian region of Turkey: Eber, Akşehir and Seyfe. Told through multimedia web stories combining photography, written text and audio clips, Moribund takes the viewer on a journey through the plainlands of Anatolia as they witness this ongoing silent destruction and reconsider their place within nature.

In order to explore the content, go to the storymap where you can see the locations of the lakes and access the multimedia stories.

To look through the photographs individually, go to the photo archive.

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